Target practice with Officer Gilbert

Saturday, June 23, 2018. In what seemed to be the wee hours of the morning, three carloads of firearms enthusiasts departed Santa Rosa for Cow Mountain, Ukiah, toting with them innumerable weapons, targets, and boxes of ammo. After surviving five miles of potholes and steep dirt grade, participants met Officer Joseph Gilbert at the shooting range on Cow Mountain. He began the day by laying down safety rules, and explaining the history and function of each of his weapons, most antique or unique, or both.  The day proceeded well, as participants tried out guns from different eras, different functions, and different calibers. Various types of targets placed at varying intervals provided appropriate challenges for multiple skill levels. David Gilbert, Officer Gilbert’s 11 year old son, participated with as much enthusiasm and far more skill than most of the participants. Having been drilled in firearm safety and proper shooting technique since his earliest years, he corrected adults in their safety habits with both confidence and concern. Officer Gilbert provided a watchful eye as well as instruction, answering questions and assisting with shooting technique as needed. After four hours of shooting, participants concluded the day with lunch and gun cleaning at the Gilbert house in Ukiah. It was a privilege to have the presence and expertise of Officer Gilbert. Over all, it was a fun event, enjoyed by all.


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