About Us


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Who are we?

We are a community of lay people in Northern California who seek to witness the vibrant and joyful life of community through loving one another as He has loved us. Each serves the Church and the world with the gifts and call given by God. We are currently discerning our rule and way of life, in order to apply for official recognition by the Church as a formal community.

“The glory of God is in man fully alive, and for man, the fullness of life is the vision of God.”      ~ St. Iranaeus

Our Mission

Our mission is first to witness to the world by living out our Lord’s command: “By this all men shall know that you are my disciples, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34); and secondly to answer the command to give an account for our joy (1 Pet 3:15). The lastly, our mission is to lead others to live out His Will on earth as it is in heaven by sharing our life in community, teaching, and healing.

Our Life

We seek to fulfill our mission by living an intense life of community, united in the Will and Love of God, striving always to grow in love and unity amongst ourselves. We will soon begin a life more fully in common by starting the first community house. Each member of our community has a job  in the world, in addition to serving in our ministry in the way each has been called.

Our Spirituality

As faithful Catholics, we live the rich traditions of the Catholic Church including the traditional liturgical traditions of East and West, and remain solidly grounded in Scripture and Church teaching. Consecrated to Jesus through Mary, we seek to live with her complete trust and obedience to the Will of God the Father through complete surrender and union with the Holy Spirit in all things. Our lives revolve around the liturgical cycle of the Church, daily personal prayer, frequent sacraments and communal prayer and fellowship.  We foster a spirit of joy, praise, constant prayer and discernment in order to continually grow in the Love of God, and personal and communal sanctity.

Our Charism

As Apostles of the Holy Spirit, our community has been gifted with leadership, teaching, administration, and music among many other gifts, all of which we use to build each other up in community, witness to the world the love of God our Father, and form others in the truth of the Faith.


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