20180609_104141 (1)On Saturday, June 9, five intrepid hikers climbed the trails of Shilo Regional Park in Windsor, about four miles through the trees and now golden meadows. It was the perfect morning for such an endeavor, a glorious 70 degrees and breezy. The vigorous exercise in no way dampened moods or conversation. Rather, there was nary moment of silence as puns shot back and forth like a competitive game of ping pong, and laughter and song rang through the woods like elves or hobbits in one of Tolkein’s tales. We basked in the sun, the warm air, the rustle of trees, the cool breeze, interesting botanical discoveries, and the merry company, each so clearly a gift from God. The day was closed with an organic lunch at Oliver’s and a trip to a novelty candy shop just down the lane. It was, indeed, a joyful and lifegiving experience of community, we hope to be repeated very soon.

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