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I love your mission! How can I help?

Pay our salary!  

Newman Centers normally have a full time director and several staff. Unfortunately, the Diocese of Santa Rosa does not have the funding to pay us, yet planning and leading events amounts to several full time jobs and requires an enormous amount of resources: time, money, energy, and just plain work. Time we would normally spend earning money, is spent in ministry. We are essentially missionaries in the arid spiritual desert of our home state of California. We have felt the urgent call to fill this longstanding void and answer the hunger and thirst of young adults for the fullness of Faith in community. Our passionate love of sharing and living our Faith will not allow us to sit idly by. “A worker is worthy of his wage.” says St. Paul (1 Tim 5:18). Pay our salaries so we can continue to devote our time to building the Church!

If not us, then who? If not now, then when? 

Will you allow His Church to fall into ruin?

Will you allow your children to be lost for eternity? 

Donate to the ministry

Our events take an enormous amount of resources, including space and material goods, most of which costs money, yet we have few resources available to us. Donations to our ministry will be directly applied to expenses needed for young adult ministry. If you are unable to make a monetary donation, but have space, skills, or material goods you think we could use, Contact us! 

Support our community

There are always hidden operating expenses for any community. As our community grows and becomes more formal, these expenses increase. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay them out of our personal salaries. We need your help to build our community! A solid life in community is a critical foundation for ministry. Without our community, we cannot serve in the fullness needed. 

Building young adult community ensures the future of the Church.
Without your help, we cannot continue the work we are doing! 
Without your help, this community and the young adult ministry at the Newman Center and beyond, will cease. 

Please specify your intention for your donation. If there is no specification, we will apply it where most needed.

To make a donation by card, click on the following link:

To donate by check, please make checks out to our community treasurer, Sean Brown, and send to: Sean Brown, 8372 Lancaster Dr, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

**Donors will be remembered in a monthly Mass offered up for our benefactors.**


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