“The retreat with Fr. Robert was beautiful. His words about living with gratitude and acceptance of God’s grace in the present moment were so poignant for us during this season of the year and our lives. The talks and group discussions were wonderful for learning, growing, and building each other up. Being prayed with during Adoration was a great honor and blessing. The identity in Christ and healing themes were well-chosen. Thank you to Fr. Robert and to everyone who helped make this possible.”           -Amy

“Human completion can only happen through an encounter with beauty and love.”    ~ Fr. Thomas Dubay

“The Father’s Glory Catholic Community fosters a proper environment to do the spiritual work of prayer, discernment and service that is necessary for establishing and maintaining healthy friendships. In my life, this is a miracle. Disorder in relation is typical for other young adult communities I belong to, where miscommunications, disagreements and conflicts are usually left unresolved and sometimes considered unimportant. Here, we are all united under the will and love of God, and the ministry invites us to constantly enter into the sacraments, contemplation, fellowship and nature to feed our unity with faith and personal spiritual responsibility through different meetings. The Newman Center hosts adoration, mass, faith discussions and community dinners, and we sometimes travel for hikes and other outdoors activities. We recently went through Fr Gaitley’s consecration to Mary with Mara’s guidance through email. Through this, I came to a greater understanding of trust in God’s sovereignty. With new depths of trust, further contemplation built a foundation for greater self-surrender and obedience to the will of God.”     – Alexandra

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